Fixstars Autonomous Technologies

Fixstars, which is dedicated to "Speed Up Your Business", and the Toyota Tsusho Group's NEXTY Electronics
are working towards creating a society with automated driving.


In the automotive electronics market centered on automated driving, software quality is of utmost importance.
While the actualization of automated driving is becoming more and more realistic thanks to the development of AI technology, many challenges remain.
Fixstars and NEXTY Electronics will accelerate the actualization of an automated driving society by making full use of parallelization, optimization, machine learning and computer vision technology as a part of "Fixstars Autonomous Technologies".

Acceleration technology

Utilizing parallelization and optimization technology cultivated over many years at Fixstars, we are able to achieve maximum performance even in hardware environments with small size, low latency, low power consumption and restrictions.

AI technology

We utilize machine learning, such as deep learning and computer vision technology, to provide algorithms that combine high recognition accuracy and real time performance.

Project Management

Taking advantage of the Toyota Tsusho group's extensive career in the network and automotive field, we will arrange an optimal team structure for customer's problem solutions.


In order to improve the systems involved with automated driving, we must first improve the computational abilities of the software, improve accuracy reading the large amount of data being used, and improve immediate responses to real-time stimuli.

In order to achieve these goals, we have to consider adding new hardware and software to the in-vehicle system, strengthening the communication environment between the vehicle and the outside equipment.
However, by strengthening these components, the amount of computation and data processing on the system will increase, leading to an increase power consumption.

Power consumption is alleviated to some extent by virtue of hardware evolution and software algorithm improvements, but it is very difficult apply these improvements to the harsh vehicle environment.

Fixstars Autonomous Technologies is developing comprehensive technologies for actualizing automated driving. From algorithm development to software acceleration, targeting mass-produced vehicles based on software optimization technology that makes maximum use of hardware resources with limited power consumption along with machine learning and image recognition technology.

Optimization technology for efficiently using hardware

In order to achieve high-speed software execution while suppressing power consumption, optimization technology is key. It needs to be adapted to the architecture of the hardware and also to utilize parallel programming technology

Fixstars Autonomous Technologies optimizes the automated driving program so that the best performance on hardware can be obtained, no matter what it is: CPUs/GPUs/SoCs.

In addition to Fixstars' core competence, parallel programming technology, we have technicians familiar with the characteristics of various hardware, so we can deal with software development and performance improvement on new hardware architecture.


Algorithm development optimized for processor

Fixstars Autonomous Technologies creates optimal programs for processors with years of optimization know-how. Even in the harsh automotive environment, we are committed to cutting even 1msec of time and to helping contribute to the eventual goal of automated driving.

Algorithm development for specific hardware

The term "image recognition algorithm" is used quite frequently, but some hardware is better at it than others. In order to utilize real-time processing in an automotive environment, it is important to develop algorithms which use processing that the target hardware is actually good at. Fixstars Autonomous Technologies is developing algorithms which make full use of the characteristics of different hardware.

Machine learning based algorithm development

Image recognition technology has rapidly evolved with the emergence of deep learning and has become an indispensable technology for realizing automated driving. Fixstars Autonomous Technologies offers algorithms that combine high recognition accuracy with real-time performance by machine learning including deep learning.


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Automated driving system development engineer

We are looking for an automated driving system development engineer at Fixstars. You can work right at the cutting edge of the automated driving field with engineers who love the technology and help realize high speeds for their customers.

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Engineer interview

Here is an interview with an engineer who develops an automated driving solution, "Reason why I chose Fixstars Vol.1 - We hope to improve our technical capabilities and contribute to the world".

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With an internship at Fixstars, you can acquire knowledge and practical skills such as acceleration, deep learning, and algorithm implementation. You will work side by side with top class engineers. Those with excellent grades will receive a hiring pass.

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About Fixstars Autonomous Technologies

Company name Fixstars Autonomous Technologies Corporation
Founded February 1, 2018
Officer Chairman : Toshiyuki Hachisuka
President & CEO : Tetsu Hada
Director : Keishi Chikamura
Director : Hiroyuki Hagiwara
Director : Takeshi Ashino
Director : Satoshi Miki
Director : Motohisa Higuchi
Director : Takamichi Kono
Director : Akira Nodomi
Auditor : Yuzo Izumitani
Head Office
Tamachi Station Tower N 28th Floor 3-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023
Capital 30 million yen
Shareholders Fixstars Corporation (66.6%)
NEXTY Electronics Corporation (33.4%)


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